Har du interesse i M3 i Italien?

Hvis du har interesse i at deltage i den italienske M3 User Groups årskonference, har vi modtaget denne invitation.Vi får invitationene, da M3 User Group DK er medlem af GAM3. Har du spørgsmål er du velkommen til at kontakte Lars Storgaard eller tage kontakt til Andrea Tortaro, der er formand for den italienske brugerforening.

Invitation from the Italian M3 User Group.

On June the  5th  we will be having our user group meeting in Milan. Please find below the agenda

8:45/9.15 Registration
9.15/9.20  Introduction (Andrea Totaro) 
09.20/10.40 M3 13.3 News and  Roadmap  (JohnGledhill)
10.40/11.00 Coffe Break 
11.00/11.40 OpCon: punctuality and efficiency supporting the business (Cicom + Sma)
11.40/12.00 From Customer Communication Management (StreamServe) - to digital archiving all paper communications (Digital Storm)
12.00/12.20 Gold a must have tool to monitor and control your cash Flow and increase efficiency  (Wintech)
12.20/13.00 Infor Italia. News and roadmap (Enza Fumarola Infor)
13.00/14.00 Lunch
14.00/14.50 Stepping up. Migration to 15.3. (SIMON GARTSIDE Infor)
14.50/15.40 Italian Localization .  What has been done and what needs to be done (BRUNO CABARET Infor)
15.40/16.10 Support (Where we are and can be done for Italian customers) (JOHAN DEMUYNCK  Infor)
16.10/16.25 Coffe Break
16.25/17.30 M3 Italian User group meetingFor this event we will three main sponsors, three Italian companies that will present their solution and services.

The event will be held in Milan at Hotel Klimahttp://www.klimahotelmilanofiere.it/en/http://www.klimahotelmilanofiere.it/en/hotel-4-stars-milan-rho-exhibition/where-we-areThe hotel is located, as you can see, 30 minutes from Malpensa airport and less than five minutes from the motorway.

The hotel is also few hundred meters away from the International Expo Site. The Expo will be one of the biggest event in Europe, 20 million visitors from all over the world are expected.http://www.expo2015.org/en/page-1393254137885?packedargs=op=changeLang

 So it might be also a reason for someone to stay the weekend.If anyone needs a room in the hotel you can write atthis address: Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.   saying that they’ll be attending the M3 User group event.

Europæisk Inforum arrangement i 2015

Som noger helt nyt, afholder Infor for første gang Inforum i Europa.
De tidligere år, har Infors store kundeevent udelukkende været afholdt i USA, men Infor har i år valgt også at afholde en Europæisk event  i Paris.

Info fra INFOR:

This year we are doing things differently. Infor will host one central customer event in Europe

Paris will provide the perfect setting for Inforum 2015 Europe on Nov 3-4, 2015, and it is sure to be THE Infor event in the continent.
Inforum 2015 Europe will include general session keynotes from all our executives, breakout sessions where customers can get deeper education about their industries and products, as well as a comprehensive Hub environment where Infor solutions come to life and partners showcase their extended solutions.  

More information on upcoming Inforum events worldwide on http://www.infor.com/inforum/

Nyt fra GAM3 - arrangement for M3 virksomheder der opererer internationalt

Vedlagt en invitation til at deltage i et GAM3 møde, der specielt henvender sig til M3 virksomheder, der opererer internationalt.

Er der spørgsmål til nedenstående, er du velkommen til at kontakte Lars Storgaard ( Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. ) eller se invitationen for yderligere kontaktinfo

Dear all,

The invitation below is addressed to M3 customers who operate internationally and have staff interested by collaborating with other users in English. Thank you in advance for informing your members.
You are kindly invited to attend the next IOC (M3 International Operating Companies) User Group meeting to be held in Munich (Infor offices) on April 22nd 2015.

The IOC sub-user group is an English-speaking group of M3 customers that have operations in various countries and who gather to discuss common matters of interest & challenges and collaborate with Infor. 
Attendance is free of charge excepting your own travelling, accommodation, breakfast-dinner costs.

Agenda of the day - starting at 9:30 am :

▪ Introduction & who’s who
▪ Infor M3 Application Support (Presentation/Discussion)
▪ Infor M3 Technical Support (Presentation/Discussion)
▪ Presentation Upgrade Project Actelion from 7.1 to 13.2
▪ Presentation by Infor based on Sample Supplier Master Data management using Mashup and Ming.le
▪ Feedback on the 2014 M3 Product Enhancement Request process

The detailed timeslots need to be coordinated with the speakers. Therefore the detailed agenda will be submitted once we get the data.
There will be a pre-meeting dinner organized on the evening of April 21st (individual payment by each attendee). Location to be announced.

You can register for the event here : http://doodle.com/uetcz5wuzv67m383

The host of this meeting is Verena Engenhart from Infor. For special requests, please do not hesitate to contact Verena : Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.
And you can obtain more information regarding the agenda and the IOC User Group from Mr Volker Dierks from Actelion : Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

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